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Advisory services

Developing companies usually don’t have the time, resources and the right security team to assess their security program.

AXEN Cybersecurity aims to help assess, organize, plan and provides insights in the field of security.

AXEN’s advisory services are tailored to the needs of the client providing value and security compliance.

AXEN is developed a Social Engineering assessment program, with the help of an M.D. in Psychiatry, in order to be able to test employees awareness in security.

It is critical to assess the company’s current state of security and find the loopholes in its program. 

AXEN is helping its clients to build processes, like vulnerability management and incident handling and build it into the core of your security program.

AXEN provides tailored training programs in security awareness, following the NIST Guidelines in Security Awareness Training. 

Both On-Site and Remote programs are available.